Fairytales from Macedonia

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The most beautiful fairytales from the Macedonian folk tradition

– The Boy Who Hid Inside The Apple
– The Two Kings
– The North Wind
– The Girl And The Twelve Months

“The Boy Who Hid Inside The Apple”, “The Two Kings” and “The North Wind”: “Macedonian Folklore: Folktales, book 2 – Macedonian Magical Tales”,
prepared by: Tanas Vrazhinovski, Marko Cepenkov Institute of Folklore, 1986, Skopje

“The Girl And The Twelve Months”:
Marko K. Cepenkov, “Macedonian Folktales”, Vol. 1, pg. 357-359, edited by Kiril Penushliski, Skopje, Makedonska kniga, 1989

Supported by the Ivo Laurencic Movement for Support of Creativity “Well Done, Son!”

Text adaptation: Biljana S. Crvenkovska

Illustrations: Katerina Nikolovska